Thank you for your interest in working with us this summer, You have taken the first step to becoming an Alaskan Commercial fisherman/fisherwoman! This is an information page to help give you more details about working for P.AS.

This work is really hard. Quite possibly the toughest experience that you will ever encounter and a quest to find out what you are really made of! There is a lack of sleep during the season combined with wet, windy, cold weather and plenty of long hours of work. This information page is not intended to discourage you from applying but rather to discourage the idea that commercial fishing in Alaska is like a relaxing summer camp or part time job. Nothing can compare with the sense of achievement and satisfaction that comes from spending a summer in beautiful Alaska, working on the open water for your hard earned income, and meeting some memorable people along the way.


Beginning Season Date

Room and Board

Travel Requirements


Employment Contracts

Base Pay & Bonus

Tax Information

Season Disclaimer: Please Read Carefully



-Beginning Season Date- TOP

We would require you to start sometime around June 1st There is a variance in starting dates due to scheduling conflicts such as school, flights, other jobs, etc. We attempt to accommodate different situations, as long as there is a contract signed that specifies the starting and ending dates of employment.

The fishing season in our area opens normally opens up around June 25th, But under certain situations, it could open as early as June 20th. Official closing days are on August 15th, with a August 16th morning pay day.



-Room and Board- TOP

One of the best things about working with us at here at P.A.S. is that you'll never have to worry about where you'll be sleeping or where the next meal will come from. You will be provided with three full hot meals a day while at the camp, as well as Coffee and dessert to keep you going! There is a bunkhouse for crewmembers that is warm and dry and is equipped with a mattress and pillow, all you need is your own sleeping bag or bedding! And even though we're a fish camp, we do have some conveniences to make things a little more comfortable such as indoor plumbing-shower, washer/dryer, refrigerator, stove/microwave, WiFi, some cell phone service and a land line telephone (phone card required.)

There is little time off while you are here but we do have things like: local television, VCR/DVD players, Video Games, An epic VHS Cassette Tape Movie Collection, Music/Stereo, basketball hoop, beach bonfires, fooseball, and plenty of beach & woods to explore & photograph!



-Travel Requirements- TOP

Your employment contract requires you to be at the fish site in Kenai, Alaska at the starting date of your contract until the ending date.

You must arrange to get yourself to Anchorage, Alaska before and after your employment contract. We will arrange transportation, at no charge to you, from Anchorage to the Fish camp. Upon completion of the terms of your contract, we will also arrange return transportation to Anchorage at no charge.

Upon completion of all the terms of your contract, you will also be eligible for a completion/travel compensation bonus of $583.00.

(In limited situations, we may assist with your airfare from Seattle, Washington to Anchorage . All fees and fares associated with this travel will be deducted from your proceeds upon completion of your employment. Please note that this is on a case by case basis, and only used in rare situations.)


-Expenses- TOP

There are only a few expenses that you will incur throughout the duration of your adventure. A major item of cost is that you are required to purchase an Alaskan-Commercial Fishing Crewmember's License. It may be purchased at many store locations within the State, as well as online. The cost is $277.00 for non-residents and $60.00 for residents. If a crewmember stays the duration of the season and completes all the terms of the contract then we will reimburse $217.00 to the non-resident crewmember in order to achieve parity between residents and non-residents fees. This license is required in order to be a commercial fisherman in the State of Alaska and to work at the fish camp. It is valid for one calendar year and also offers you up to $10,000.00 in emergency health coverage should you be injured while fishing. We strongly advise that you have alternate medical coverage while you are in Alaska. There are limitations to the State coverage and it is considered secondary protection.
Click here to purchase a Crewmembers License


We have all your personal fishing gear for you at camp. Slicker pants, raincoats, gloves, hip boots and a life vest. Items are checked out to each crewmember for the duration of their contract period. Once the contract is complete, the crewmember returns the gear, if it is in useable shape. We may purchase it back from you at its current used value, at the time of return. If the gear is damaged beyond use you will have to purchase it at the initial value, established at the time of check out. The average gear charge for crew is about $100.00. Gear charges range from $70.00 (all used and return life vest to all new and unreturned life vest) to $200.00.

You can also buy your own gear if you would like to shop around for the best deals since Alaska prices tend to be higher due to the cost of freight shipping to our state.

Other items of expense are for personal items; toiletries, cigarettes or chew, and other personal effects.


-Employment Contracts- TOP

Employment contracts will end sometime after the second week of August. Start and End dates will be agreed upon and stated within your contract before you begin working. Season ending dates are determined by the Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulatory announcements. This could mean the season might end sooner.

There is flexibility in this time period so that we can accommodate various crewmember school and personal schedules as well as ensuring that all the stowage of gear and final clean up has been completed. Camp accommodations and gear must be in operating conditions for next season.
Fulfillment of contract requires participation and completion in this process.


-Base Pay- TOP

Starting wage is guaranteed at $2,200.00 for the duration of the fishing season, which is determined by the individual contract. There is also a completion/travel compensation bonus of $583.00 if the crewmember fulfills all the terms of his/her contract. This $2,200.00 is the only guaranteed part of this employment period. Any compensation above or beyond the base pay guarantee is primarily dependant on the quantity of the fish caught during the season and the quality of the work performed by the individual crewmember.

 Example: A non-resident who worked all season and completed the terms of the contract would receive:

Base Pay $2,200.00
Completion/Travel compensation bonus $583.00
Resident Parity Reimbursement for license $217.00
Total $3,000.00

Note: deductions will remain for gear charges, draws, miscellaneous charges.

All starting employees receive 2% of the proceeds from the direct sale of the ground price with adjustments computed through the end of the contract period. 2%, or the Base Pay/Comp Bonus/Resident Parity:Whichever is greater at the end of the season contract.

Proceeds do not include any company incentives such as delivery, tendering, loyalty, quality or production earnings. Increases in percentages are done in half percentage increments. These incentive increases are determined throughout and at the end of the season. They are primarily based on individual work performance. If the season warrants that percentage bonuses should be given, management (owners, permit holders, captains and other management) will evaluate each individual for their contribution.

Bonus: There is never an "average" year in the commercial fishing industry. Therefore, it is difficult to determine what an average bonus may be. It could range from 0% to 100% of your base pay.

For those of you with prior Commercial Fishing experience, base rates are negotiable.

First year captains will receive an increase of .5% over the base pay. First year captains (Junior Captains) are usually determined during the first few beginning weeks of the season.




-Tax Information- TOP

The day after your contract ends, (the following morning from the ending day specified on your contract) we will go over any expenses (gear) you have incurred, factor in any applicable bonuses and then write your final check. Taxes are not deducted from your pay. You are considered an independent contractor and your crewmember license acts as your business license in the State of Alaska. You will be responsible for filing and paying your own State and Federal taxes (State of Alaska has no income taxes) when they are due. Your settlement sheet can be used for tax purposes, and most of your work related expenses can even be deductible as well! (travel, lodging, food, special clothing, tools, etc.)


---Please Read Carefully--- TOP

Current returns for sockeye salmon and pink salmon have been robust as they have been returning to the Cook Inlet region. However, King salmon have been retuning with less than abundant numbers. Restrictions to fishing opportunities were implemented since 2012 which could mean much less fish time for our nets to be in the water. We have little control over mother nature, and all aspiring Commercial Fisherman should be aware of the negative consequences of low returns of salmon.
If this should be the case this season, P.A.S. will allow individuals to modify the end date of their contract and/or will allow, on a individual basis, part time employment opportunities at a partnering fish processing facility. Please understand that even if we modify your contract ending date, your prorated amount of your base compensation will be calculated on your original contracted period of employment. Other final incentives will apply (contract completion bonus, resident parity for license.)